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shameless call for support for Spica & their butt padding!!!

Pics first!

[only the leader is weird, the rest are cute and pretty]


"Let it go ~~ Let it~ go~~" lmao qt bbo

random cute reply to a fan ㅋㅋㅋ

she was #1 on a search engine for this cabbage diet lol

am I one of the few who like the mic cams? XD

Bohyung, Juhyun, Jiwon

The real agenda of this post... Spica debuted at #4 on M! Countdown and they're up for #1 on this Sunday's Inkigayo (vs Girl's Day & AOA)!!!! What's more, this Sunday (140209) is the second anniversary of their debut stage (120209 Russian Roulette) so a first win would be doubly special for them T___T

M! Countdown voting: HERE! It's really easy, you have to register but you can sign in with your Twitter/FB. Voting period is from Friday 11am KST to Monday 9am KST, one vote per day. With a #4 they really have a good chance at winning, so vote vote vote!!



  • Only counts for 10 weeks starting from the day of album release

  • Streaming also counts, but it's focused more on download rate

2. 35% SNS

  • 40% YouTube (views 70% / likes 10% / comments 20%) [MV]

  • 25% Twitter 25% (mentions 30% / retweets 30% / search 40%) not sure 'mentions' mean @ the members or the official Twitter account (@B2M_SPICA)..

Tweets must be in this format: #SPICA content of tweet #YDLM
- Wrong: Kim Boa of #SPICA is my alien queen #YDLM
- Correct: #SPICA omg butt padding!!!!!!!!!!!!! #YDLM

  • 20% Me2day (likes 30% / comments 30% / search 40%) do they still use me2day???

  • 15% Facebook (comments 35% / shares 35% / likes 20% / posts 10%)


Pre-voting tutorial - Voting through the M&TVTalk app (if you're using Android, change your phone language to Korean or it may crash when you get to the phone number registration part)

Pre-voting only counts towards the next week's ranking. E.g. Voting on 7th Feb would not count for 9th Feb's Inkigayo but for 16th Feb's instead. Pre-voting ends every Saturday and is not related to live voting.

International fans can participate in the live vote through the M&TVTalk app (only during the Inkigayo live broadcast). Those in Korea can vote via SMS (#1245).

Omonians, if you like Spica, please help make their second anniversary a super special one!! I'll forever be in your debt ;~; Let's do what we can to get them closer to #1 and help them gain more recognition with a win, especially in South Korea. Fans of other groups have shown Spica support too (examples from Spica's DC gallery: Sone, Mine), it may just be small pockets of fandom but it's very appreciated ♥ (To Daisies and Elvis[es?], I hope this post doesn't rub you the wrong way!! Whichever group wins on Sunday, it'll ultimately be a win for girl groups in general ^^ #yearofthegirlgroup)

(ノ◕ᴗ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ #SPICA fighting!! #YDLM ✧・゚:*\(◕ᴗ◕)\


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