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Pink Dot 2011 - ten thousand strong ♥

Really sleepy but I know if I don't post this tonight, I'll put it off forever and this post will never see the light of day... SO HERE GOES!

The Freedom To Love

Pink Dot is the closest Singapore gets to Pride, and boy am I proud of how much the dot has grown since 2009 :) Under the cut: pics of the dots are by Pink Dot SG; the rest are from my Pink Dot 2011 Facebook album (open to all)!

(This post is dedicated to the Pink Dot first-timers who came with me this year! This is the first of many ♥)

the inaugural Pink Dot in 2009, with 2500 people

in 2010, with 4000 people


Every year the Pink Dot experience and atmosphere just gets better and better :) This year was just lovely; went with so many more people (from different circles) and I'M SORRY I'M SUCH A BAD HOST AND DIDN'T INTRODUCE YOU GUYS TO ONE ANOTHER I PROMISE NEXT YEAR I'LL BE BETTER AT THIS :P

As always, I feel that the best part of Pink Dot is the straight people who show their support for their LGBT friends and family by turning up in droves ♥ The atmosphere at Hong Lim Park was just AMAZING. There were LGBT awareness/support groups, people having picnics, loads of photographers, CUTE DOGGIES!, performers... It was just really awesome :) It was a day of love, love, and more love ♥


Oh can I just say -- I REALLY DON'T LIKE THE COLOUR PINK LOL. But today it was my favourite colour :)

rainbow wristbands from Rainbow Delegation

The Rainbow Delegation is a rapidly growing movement of people who wish to show their support of the LGBTQ community through the wearing of a rainbow wristband. Our participants are diverse, encompassing people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. We wear these wristbands, not for fashion, nor as a fund-raiser for any particular agenda, but rather simply to be seen. Not just by the youth desperately needing to feel they belong, but also as a statement to all those people that would rather they didn’t.

You may never know whose life you touch, but something as simple as being a visual presence of support could make all the difference to someone.

Do check their site out (and Like their Facebook page!) and spread their message! Anyone can request a wristband for free, and I requested for 25 to give to my friends and others at Pink Dot. Matt (one of the founders) said that they're not obliging requests for more than one wristband per person any longer due to high demand (they pay for all the wristbands out of their own pockets), but he still sent me mine in view of Pink Dot! :) Really sweet of him. Heard from a friend that they're not sending any more to people for the time being due to overwhelming demand, though... Still, do support their cause! I've been meaning to donate (especially since they sent me 25!) but I haven't gotten around to transferring funds into my PayPal account :\ REMINDER TO SELF: DO IT SOON.

cousin (Kylie) & I before Pink Dot!

what greeted us as we came out of the MRT station

PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK. in any other context this would be a visual nightmare lol

We sat near the front of the concert stage and had quite a good view! Loved the Dim Sum Dollies, Sebastian Tan aka Broadway Beng and Voguelicious (watch this! they're awesomely hawt)! What was really cool was that it was my ex-internship company (Positive Events) that organised the concert! It was great seeing my ex-boss/supervisor/colleagues again :))))) Man, it's awesome having gay bosses. I hope they do this again next year, because I'd totally volunteer in a heartbeat!
I got a customised company event tee by virtue of being an ex-intern! HOW CUTE IS THIS?! :D

with Selena Tan of the Dim Sum Dollies!! the pose was her idea :D the baubles on their costumes are so cute! loved their performance of Born This Way :D
(it's my new FB profile pic hehe)

pink balloons floating to freedom!

lol I didn't realise how crazy I looked with all those badges ._.

Instax photo with my cousin! :)

(the two small rainbow ones were from London. and Google is a sponsor!)

my bag XD

(apparently gay Google employees are called 'Gayglers' hehe)

Rest of my photos here! Tons more photos from Pink Dotters here and here :))))) + a Yahoo News article with pics (I was sitting so close to that freaky poodle omg idk idk huge poodles just freak me out so bad DDDD:)

[EDIT: Oh look, A TROLL! And another! I know I'm not supposed to feed the troll (I think they're the same person; "Emeritus" has only one friend, guess who?) but the opportunity to spam reaction gifs was just too good to pass up. I'm too lazy (it's 6.45am gdi) to provide context, so I'm sorry that this is a skewed perspective. I've lost all respect for Alfian Sa'at. If he was in a fire I wouldn't piss on him to save his life (LINE CREDIT: snarkaddict!). Even if my bladder was bursting I'D LET IT BURST. Even if... lol okay you get my point. HE'S A DICK.]

Post-Pink Dot was awesome as well; hung out at McDonald's for almost five hours with my cousin and a few friends and their friends and just laughed the night away! Every Pink Dot I make new friends...I love it :D

So stoked that I'm covering this event for the summer edition of my school's newsletter! :D Spreading awareness and getting rid of misconceptions and ignorance about the LGBT community is the key, and I'm glad I can contribute in my own small way. Our nation has a long way to go before things like gay marriage and LGBT rights become a reality, but the success of Pink Dot gives me hope :) However small, it's still a step in the right direction. Every Pink Dot has been a wonderful experience, and I'm looking forward to the dot growing even bigger in the years to come ♥

The Freedom To Love
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